Webicise provides a workout list of services that prove valuable to your on-line marketing and business.  We anticipate that there may be about 10-30 hours of initial work, and then 4-6 hours monthly of maintenance, mentoring and reporting once we have everything set up and running.


 Web Site Design
  1. Template Selection and Set Up.
  2. Template Purchase.
  3. Customizing web site copy and contact information  plus new copy.
  4. Selection and application of new graphics 2 Hours.
  5. Search Engine Optimization website design.
  6. Addition of 10 New pages specific to keyword searches.
  7. Final Polishing and Revision.

After you have a strong, solid website; the following check list of web site services Webicise can provide will prove valuable to your on-line marketing and business.   Monthly maintenance, mentoring and reporting once we have everything set up and running will depend on your budget and goals.

Google Advertising Program

 PPC (Pay Per Click)
  1. Set Up and Create Ad Word Campaigns on Google, Yahoo and MSN(Bing).
  2. Present 3 party vendors for possible expansion of PPC advertising.
  3. Create Negative Keywords to increase ROI.
  4. Insert Tracking Scripts on Web Site to track spending and conversions.
  5. Insure Geo Targeting to your specific region.
  6. Weekly monitor and adjust bids and key word campaigns.
  7. Create and Test Ad Word Ads to increase conversions.


 Search Engine Optimization
  1. Perform keyword research to find relevant  and profitable matches for your business.
  2. Improve the web site for increased search engine visibility.
  3. Get web site on the Google Local Business results map.
  4. Create unique landing pages as needed.


  1. Get instant login access to your keyword analytics.
  2. Monthly Adwords Reports.


link building

 Link Building
  1. Write and submit a monthly PR Web Release .
  2. Write and submit weekly blogs.
  3. Submit posts on social networking sites.
  4. Write and submit articles to article directories like Ezine & Hub Pages.
  5. Create videos and submit to all video dierctories.


Email Marketing
  1. Set up an email marketing plan.
  2. Set up form to collect emails.
  3. Help with template design.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Webicise if you have any questions or would like an estimate of work.

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