Email Marketing

EMEmailing is used by nearly everyone today. Whether for business, keeping updated, or even correspondence with friends. People are constantly connected through the web and it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t have an email address. It has become one of the largest and most effective strategies for businesses looking to grow their online presence. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, developing an Email marketing campaign can lead to higher conversions, increased sales, and greater brand awareness.

So why don’t businesses utilize this strategy? Many companies are interested in email marketing, but most assume that running a campaign can be too technical, expensive, or have concerns of SPAM abuse. The truth is, an effective campaign is quite the opposite. It’s simple, affordable, and very effective. We will discuss the benefits of an Email marketing campaign, the top Email marketing services, and how you can start achieving greater results through an Email marketing campaign!

Maximize your Return on Investment

Marketing is an investment into your company. and as such we all want to increase the return we expect to receive through our efforts. Email marketing is a solid channel to maximize your return on your investment and boost your bottom line.

Traditional advertisement can be very costly and drain valuable company resources, however, with email marketing,you can email messages yourself and send them within minutes. The costs of running an email campaign is next to nothing and the return can be exponential.

Building a Trustworthy Brand

Getting down and personal with your customers has never been easier. Companies can take the time to know each customer, their needs, opinions, and wants, and create a trustworthy brand. Remember, a happy customer means a positive brand. Think of it as building a public relation with your customers. Your customers will spread the word about your product or service and generate buzz for your business.

Sending personalized emails to subscribers will depict that your company is real with a live person sharing their concerns and interests. Answer questions and respond to their needs, but most importantly connect with your users and establish credibility and rapport.

Drive Sales

Driving sales should be a primary focus. Utilizing direct marketing through email is a great way to promote your website, share a special offer, or distribute an upcoming event. When creating your campaign, understand your business goals and how you will implement the campaign effectively to cater to your needs.

Boost Social Interaction

Social media has grown significantly in the last several years and as a result social interaction has become an integral part of all businesses online. When connecting with your subscribers, allow for social interaction, whether it’s through Facebook like button, Google’s Plus 1, or even Tweeting, to share your email campaign. If your subscribers find the information valuable, most likely they will pass it on to their friends and family.

Don’t be afraid to include your social profiles in your email as well. If your subscriber passes it on, their friend may want to connect and check you out!

Choosing an Email Marketing Service

When you are ready for a game changer and decide it’s time to take your marketing to a new level, finding the right service for email marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. There are many companies available and the options are endless, however there are a few we have found to offer the best features and the lowest cost to you. Click the link below to get reviews on the top 10 email marketing services available to you

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