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LBHigh Quality One Way Links Service – an introduction

If you would like to quickly get a quote and find out how we do things then just complete our Quick Link Requirements Questionnaire and we will be back to you within 24 hours.

Otherwise just keep reading and we will explain the key points in a little more detail below.


Our linking service is designed to give you long term top quality one way links at prices you can afford and that make sense to you.

We are not into SPAM or black hat techniques so if you want that please do not waste your time reading further.

However, if you do want links that will bring you traffic, links that will help your pages to rise in the Search Engines and links that are effective and you can be proud of – then read on.

In a nutshell 50 of our links will beat 5,000 of the low quality, SPAM type reciprocal links that many web sites on the internet spend time and resources to acquire. Not only will our links be vastly more effective but they will be much more cost beneficial when properly accounted for in dollars.

Why do site owners bother with low quality ineffective links? Either because they are lazy, cheap, ignorant or do not know how to effectively get one way links. To make sure you do not fall into any of those distinguishing characteristics then please read on.

What is our philosophy?

As you may well know the world of Search Engine Optimization and things that work on the internet is constantly changing and evolving. What worked well a while ago may well not work well today or in fact may severely penalize you rather than help you.

This is particularly true of linking.

There are four common ground rules we utilize throughout our SEO and overall internet strategies in general. These ground rules have extra meaning when considering how to handle linking campaigns.

• We always have a good mixture of strategies and techniques, not just one or two.
• Everything is white hat focused.
• We aim to help you to make money with your sites therefore anything we do needs to focus on that point too.
• Content and quality get better results and last longer.

One line of approach advocates concentrating on your money terms and using PPC to determine what those terms are. Using this method you would also do generic SEO for the most expensive PPC money terms first. We agree with that approach where it is possible and where people have the budget. However, do not be misled into thinking that is the only thing you need to do.

We agree that approach will work (we use many elements of it ourselves) and make money for the site owner. We do NOT believe that by itself it will be as successful as setting out to “own” your market in the first place. By setting out to own a market you need to cast a wide relevant net to pull in as many people as you can and then make sure you put them through a well designed marketing funnel. You also improve the visitor experience.

By using this technique you capture people at many stages in their decision making not just at the end stage where they make their buying decision.

Think about it, if you start off deciding you want a product and service you do not know the money term because you have not yet done your personal research (or if you use it then it’s an accident). By the time you are ready to use the money term you will have very likely done several searches and gone to several sites. You may even have signed up for some Free stuff relevant to what your objectives are.

What type of links can you expect to get?

In the normal course of events we will always obtain links for you that meet the following minimum requirements unless you specify otherwise.

  • They are in the same Theme or Category as your site.
  • They have a good chance of providing some traffic to your site regardless of their other linking virtues.
  • They are linking to your competitors. We will analyze the backlinks of your top 10 competitors and get as many one ways links for you from these web sites as possible – PROVIDING they can offer a quality link.
  • They are not linking to your competitors but can benefit your site.
  • Are they providing a quality link? (can pass page rank, good anchor text, no games with “no follow” etc)
  • Not on a links page.
  • Is the site / page indexed in Google?
  • No link farms, link-exchange programs, forums, web directories, article submissions, FFA’s, gambling, pharmacy, illegal, porn, violent, hate-based, guest books, classifieds, dynamic links, spam sites, or generally black hat links.
  • Is it on a fairly Unique cBlock IP address?

We have ongoing quality control checks all through our procedures to help to ensure that your linking campaign is undertaken properly, professionally and that the links that you receive are done properly.

For one calendar year we will carry out a weekly check on your links and any found to be incorrect are dealt with on a priority basis. You receive a copy of that report and any fault status.

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